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Yep...that's how it's done!!!
One puff at a time.
Above shows Bruce adding a blob of glass to form the 'lily pad' design.  This design is based on a 19th Century American technique.   Put your cursor on the image to see him "pulling" the added molten glass to form the design.
He has just reheated a piece so that he can 'spin' it out to make a plate.  As you can see, it still looks like a bowl.  Hover your cursor over the image...from looking like a bowl to looking more like a plate happens very fast!
About one or two seconds later, it definitely looks more like a plate.

Click on the video below to watch Bruce making a lily pad plate.
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Now, he is making the opening wider.
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Bruce at
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Cobb Glass, handblown glass made in a one man studio located in Pittsfield, New Hampshire.  Pictures showing a glassblower at work.

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Click on the video below to watch Bruce making a clear goblet.
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