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A word about replacement tumblers or goblets
Due to the nature of completely hand blown work (no molds), and the fact that production methods tend to evolve over time, if you have previously purchased a set of tumblers or goblets and broken or lost one or more, what I have in stock will very likely not match what you have, nor is it feasible for me to try to reproduce what you have. Additionally, coloration may or may not be the same, and even clear glass has a tint to it, (the goal being neutral - i.e. gray) particularly when viewed through the rim.
Decanter      Goblet
(12" H)          (8½"H)

Colors: Clear, Cobalt, Ruby
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(5 to 5½ " H)

Colors: Cobalt, Amethyst, Clear, Teal, Ruby
Christmas Balls
Lily Pad Design (4")

Colors: Cobalt, blue, Teal, light teal, Amethyst,  Ruby
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Cobb Glass, handblown glass made in a one man studio located in Pittsfield, New Hampshire.

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Sugar & Creamer
(4½ to 5" H)

Colors: Cobalt, Clear,Teal, Ruby, or Amethyst
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Lily Pad Bowl

Small ..... 6½" W
Medium ....... 7 ½ to 8" W
Large ...... 8 ½ to 9" W
Colors: Cobalt, Amethyst, clear, blue Ruby, Teal, Light Teal
Multicolor Ball (4")
Speckled Ball (4")